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Find the industry’s leading centering device for sewer, drain and pipe clearing from Arthur Products Co., which manufactures the Cnt-r-KUT® G1 and a second-generation version, Cnt-r-KUT® G2.  The G2, a uniquely engineered tool, integrates the body and hose as a single unit, with the centering action giving its jet spray nozzles greater effectiveness. In addition to its 3-in-1 nozzle design, the redesigned Cnt-r-KUT® G2 offers operators enhanced flexibility with an amazing bend radius for tighter spaces, turns and bends.  

Arthur Products specifically developed the new generation of its popular Cnt-r-KUT® centering device to offer enhanced bend radius for operators who work in areas with older plumbing systems and multiple, tight bends and twists in the pipes.  

Older cities, particularly on the east coast, such as New York City, have dated infrastructure and plumbing systems that present greater challenges, making the Cnt-r-KUT® G2 the perfect choice to clear obstructions. In newer cities and developments in further western states for example, plumbing systems and pipes have fewer bends and turns, making the original Cnt-r-KUT® G1 an effective choice.   

The jet spray nozzles on the head of the Cnt-r-KUT® G1 and Cnt-r-KUT® G2 are custom drilled to fit the type (model) of jetter equipment the customer owns. One feature of the Cnt-r-KUT® with special appeal is that it offers operators the ability to trim the fins of the flexible guide vanes on either model. This helps the operator more easily navigate and manipulate the centering device in a pipe with a smaller radius, with fins designed to navigate standard pipe sizes of 3-, 4- or 6 inches.  


The key is the flexibility of the hose to navigate. Both the original model, the Cnt-r-KUT® G1 and a newly redesigned version, the Cnt-r-KUT™ G2, combine a navigable centering device with powerful, custom drilled jet spray nozzles that cut to the heart of pipe obstructions.  

The main difference between the two versions is the enhanced bend radius capability of the redesigned Cnt-r-KUT® G2. It’s ideal for challenging circumstances with multiple bends and tight turns, while the Cnt-r-KUT® G1 offers flexibility for more commonly encountered obstructions.  

American Made 

All of our jet spray nozzles are manufactured in our facility in Ohio. The Cnt-r-KUT® G2 features a stainless steel body integrated with a length of hose. Cnt-r-KUT® G2 eliminates the lengthy barred section at the hose connection point to allow the centering device to navigate tighter turns and bends in pipes. The redesign, along with the flexible guide vanes, results in a centered nozzle assembly with an amazing bend radius.  

The Cnt-r-KUT® G2 redesign and manufacture is more intricate than the original Cnt-r-KUT® G1 to give it the degree of versatility and flexibility it exhibits underground when in operation.  

The Cnt-r-KUT® G2 is available in different kits: 

  • Cnt-r-KUT® G2 EMAX2 includes an interchangeable cutter nozzle that clears roots and debris 
  • Cnt-r-KUT® G2 BMAX2 includes three nozzles to penetrate and flush out blockages, for a perfect starter kit 
  • Cnt-r-KUT® G2 THMAX2 includes a towhook nozzle that applies 100% power with forward, lateral and rear-facing jet action.  

These specially designed centering devices make it easier to traverse curved and broken pipe all while delivering a maximized cleaning spread from the strategically placed and drilled high-pressure jet spray nozzles. Contact us to overcome the demands of challenging sewer and drain cleaning situations. 

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