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AquaNoz Jet Nozzles

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20,00 PSI  nozzles are designed for use with Flex and Rigid Lances.   The Medium Pressure nozzles have autoclave type threads in both Left Hand and Right Hand.

Tier Two nozzles involve an advanced variable flow configuration.  A Tier 2 Nozzle body has Female threaded ports in a diversified orifice pattern.  Associated replaceable drilled male inserts are placed for a particular pressure (PSI) and flow(GPM).

Tier One nozzles are predrilled and come in our widest variety of shapes for diverse applications.  Tier 1 Nozzles are made for pressure systems of 10K and 15K.  Our Tier One nozzles are listed below.

Basic Style (BS)

Known as the standard, “A”, “B”, “J” or “P” nozzle used in tube, sewer and drain cleaning.

Contractor Series (CS)

The contractor series nozzles are designed with a robust geometry to withstand harsh operating conditions.

Deicer/Degreaser (EV)

The EV penetrates corroded tubes and is also used in sewer and drain cleaning to clear ice and grease.

Eg-A-Nator (EG)

Designed for cleaning at various Jet angles.

Hard Hitter (EPN)

The EPN’s body is substantial and is designed to provide a long steady water stream for surface cleaning

Hard Hitter (HH1)

Discrepancies between HH on website and HH in photo disk

Impactor (LT)

Designed for completely blocked or heavily fouled pipes and tubes.

Mini-Moles (MM)

Fixed orifice small profile nozzle used for tube cleaning.

Multi-Groove (MG)

For use in heavily fouled pipes and tubes as a penetrator and a flusher.

Penetrator Hex (PH) Nozzle

Designed for Blockages, Equipped with Hex design for easy installation.

PX Revolver™ (SJ)

The PX Revolver™ provides full 360 degree cleaning with only one moving part.

Rodder Jets (RJ)

Rodder Jets are designed with a compact body geometry for cleaning small tubes and are used with a lance.

Round Nose (RN)

Smooth compact design allows for maneuvering bends.

Round Nose Hex (RNH)

Designed for the high demands of sewer and drain cleaning contractors.

Tier2 (T2)

Tier Two nozzles involve an advanced variable flow configuration.

Tow Hook Pull / Tow (TH)

Designed for pulled by cable OR to pull a cable.

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Nozzle Kits

Alpha Kit

Expand the capabilities of your pressure washing system with the AquaNoz® Alpha Kit. The Alpha Kit gives low-pressure / low-flow users all the tools matched with nozzles drilled specifically for the end-user application.

Alpha Kit

Sewer Solution Kit

The AquaNoz® Sewer Solution Kit is your one-stop kit for all your cleaning needs. Combine your selected cleaning nozzles with the AquaNoz® cleaning tool and storage container. Add the AquaNoz® nozzle rack to mount your kit on your equipment.

Sewer Solutions Kits

Contact our team for more information on our products or custom engineering services.

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Nozzle Hardware & Accessories

Wafer Connections / Plates

Wafer connections provide an excellent method to joining high pressure hoses of same or varying sizes.

Bushings and Adapters

Allow for joining of different size pressure hoses.


Hex couplings provide a wrench flat for ease in joining lances, pipe or hose.


Stainless steel nipples join lances, pipe or hose. Hex options for easy installations.

Nozzle Rack

A durable solution to mount your nozzle set to ensure that the right nozzle is always at hand.

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