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All of our vent tubes are custom manufactured, designed to fit any style filling machine, by any original equipment manufacturer. Vent/filling tubes are available in stainless steel or nylon, with all materials guaranteed food-grade FDA compliant.

Stainless steel is recommended for the longest potential lifespan. All of our vent tubes meet stringent sanitation requirements and can be utilized in any size plant up to and including high-speed filling operations, for a wide range of bottle sizes and types. We supply vent tubes to both domestic and international clientele.

Custom designed and manufactured vent tubes eliminate problems commonly encountered with the standard issue vent tubes supplied by the original equipment manufacturer. Realize a more precise, consistent and standardized fill for every bottle in every run and achieve optimal operational efficiencies with custom vent tubes.

See some of our custom vent tube options for yourself with the Vent Tube Configurator.

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Custom Manufactured Tubes Accessories

Spreaders, sleeves and vent tube tips in plastic and stainless steel.

Cleaning Applications:

Custom Manufactured Vent Tubes

Custom FloTech vent tubes for Meyer and Crown standard & high-speed filling valves.

Cleaning Applications:

Stocked Replacement Parts

FloTech vent tubes with 100% compatibility with Universal and Precision filling valves.

Cleaning Applications:

Vent Tube Tools

Drill jigs, installation tools, wrenches, yokes and more for vent tube operation.

Cleaning Applications:

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