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Laser marking a part is the quickest, easiest, most cost-effective method of lending any part instant identification and reliable traceability. It simplifies and organizes record keeping both on the part of the customer and the manufacturer. Should a part need modification, replacement or repairs, it enables the manufacturer to retrace steps such as manufacturing date and shipment, or to locate original drawings and specifications.

In addition to easy identification and traceability, laser marking offers potential benefits such as:

  • Maintenance management
  • Time savings for set up and changeout
  • Easily identifiable visual for accurate storage
  • Information for procurement
  • Protection against forgery or counterfeit

Laser marking simply anneals the material or changes color on the surface of the object or part, with no impact on material form or functionality. This differs from stamping or etching, which can warp, bend or stress the base material, potentially compromising part integrity at a later date. Laser marking provides the most flexible, yet permanent method of marking parts that can be small in size, those with curves and contours or parts more complex in shape or design. Laser marking can be applied to metal parts, as well as certain plastics, glass and ceramic surfaces as well.

Laser Marking Vent TubesLaser part marking offers multiple identification possibilities that go beyond a simple part number. Imagine the possibilities that not only aid identification, but also streamline production. Potential markings can include:

  • Part Number
  • Serialization
  • Machine Line Number
  • Valve Position in Machine
  • Package Size
  • Product
  • Service Date
  • Supplier
  • Logo

Laser marking has proven its use for industries from medical grade materials to automotive, aerospace, food processing and more. Arthur Products not only offers its laser marking service to its Vent Tube and Jet Nozzle customers, but any local original equipment or parts manufacturers near Medina County, Ohio, that could benefit from an identification system. Contact Arthur Product to laser mark your small to mid-sized lots.

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