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One simple, economical process can help with part identification while simultaneously supplying durability to help increase its lifespan. Arthur Products offers powder coating for its fabricated metal parts such as vent tubes and jet nozzles, as well as consignment projects for other local manufacturers.

Powder coating experienced rapid growth to become a popular method of applying an industrial based finish for metal parts and products. Powder coating offers an almost infinite selection of colors, which will remain more vibrant and brighter than other types of finishes such as paint. A powder coated surface will be more resistant to scratching, chipping, wear or fading compared to other finishes for a durable coating that can last upwards of twenty years, depending on the application, environmental factors and use.

Powder Coating Capabilities

Powder coating is primarily restricted to metal parts because of the heat treatment process required after application. “Baking” the part activates the thermal bonding that causes the colored finish to set and adhere, adding what amounts to a plastic skin onto the surface of the part. Part sizes are limited only by the size of the oven used to finish the process. At Arthur Products, we can accommodate parts about the size of a tire rim, or 30″ wide x 24″ deep x 60″ tall.

Powder coated parts provide better protection against natural elements like rain and snow. One customer project specified powder-coated portions of welded parts for a steel bridge construction. In a corrosive situation, it also can help extend the life of the part. However, it isn’t an impermeable coating and will wear under abrasion and UV exposure.

Preparation is Key

The key to a successful powder coating job is surface preparation, which also impacts the project cost. Parts must be stripped, cleaned and smoothed mechanically to remove scratches or defects. Any type of rust, for example, is a chemical reaction already breaking down the metal and weakening the part. Rust must be sandblasted for removal or it will continue to chemically react against the metal underneath the powder coating. Powder coating cannot or should not be applied over any type of dirt or defect.

More Marking Options

For added part marking flexibility, powder coating can be combined with other finishing services, such as laser marking. A customer’s metal part can be powder coated, then laser marked or burned away to reveal the primary coat in order to add a graphic element, create an image or serve other purposes.

Masking enables powder coating for a portion of a part without coating the whole, like coating the hex portion of a bolt. The main consideration is preparation time as masking is labor intensive and adds to the cost.

The rising popularity of powder coating has led to its implementation in a wide variety of industries, from appliances and automotive parts to architecture elements and agricultural tools.

Lead times vary depending on the amount of preparation time and number of parts required. Arthur Products can work on a blanket order system to deliver a larger quantity of powder coated parts over a staggered time period.

Contact us if you’re looking for a partner that takes the proper care and preparation time to deliver a high-quality result. We can work with local area manufacturers and businesses interested in powder coating parts, products or promotional materials. The possibilities are nearly endless.

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