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One simple step can help organize and identify essential production tools and streamline the process of filler nozzle and/or vent tubes replacement: laser marking. Part identification via laser marking offers a permanent form of labeling that will last the lifetime of the part, such as vent tubes or filler nozzles used on a beverage bottling line.  

This identification offers additional benefits such as: 

  • Uniform changeout for different vent tube sets  
  • Exact replacement/reordering capabilities 
  • Part traceability 
  • Allows for easier comparison between vent tube models to enable streamlined redesign capabilities  

Laser Marking vs. Laser Engraving 

Laser marking anneals the surface of a metal filler nozzle by actually altering the surface chemistry to change the color of the metal, making a mark determined by computer programming.  

Laser engraving physically cuts into the surface of the part and depending on the size, shape or density of the part, could damage or alter the part’s shape. 

Laser marking is a more nimble and less invasive process than engraving, to protect the integrity of the piece being marked. The mark is indelible and will last the lifetime of the part, for permanent identification.  

Marking Capabilities 

Any image can be programmed into the laser marking system, including numbers or text, instructions, and graphics of any style including corporate logos, images, maps and more. The only limit to the type of image or communication that can be marked with a laser is the amount of available space.  

The ability of laser marking to permanently identify smaller parts lends itself in particular to industries such as:  

  • Aerospace 
  • Automotive 
  • Hand tools 
  • Medical 
  • Memorabilia 
  • Promotional items 

Part Size & Materials 

As long as the marking is legible, there is no minimum size part for laser marking at Arthur Products. The maximum size capability is 12x12x12.  

Materials that can be laser marked include a broad spectrum of metals, particularly stainless steel and plastics with the exception of clear or white plastic. Arthur Products is working on procedures that will allow them to mark opaque glassware.   


Arthur Products serves the small to mid-sized manufacturer as well as individuals and is willing to laser mark quantities ranging from a single part up to 100,000. Larger quantities would be spaced out on a blanket order over several months.   

The process of laser marking is not automated. It’scompleted manually, so the biggest limiting factors are time and space.  


Each job is priced individually depending upon its complexity, the number of parts to run and the time involved. There is some set up time to program the customer’s marking requirements and there is a cost per piece to mark.  

Contact us with your laser marking project specifications or questions — whether you’re labeling a filler nozzle or other product. No job is too small or too complex for us to consider: 330-725-4905. 

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