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Servicing main sewer lines differs from working on lateral lines. First, the main line is larger than the lateral lines that connect to it from nearby houses and other buildings. Main lines can range in size from about 6 to nearly 60 inches in diameter.  Second, main lines, often owned by municipalities and other institutions, are designed to carry heavy loads of effluent from multiple facilities. They are configured with multiple access points (e.g., manhole pipes and catch basins) and typically run in a straight line. Main line pipes are made from a variety of materials, including PVC, cast and ductile iron, concrete, terracotta, and vitrified clay. 

Keeping Main Lines Clear

Local or state governments control most main line sewage piping, which can suffer from cracks, holes, root intrusion, fractures, and pipe failures. Keeping these lines clear can help prevent catastrophic failures leading to the formation of sinkholes, flooding, traffic disruptions, and water service interruptions.  

Arthur Products offers a variety of jetting nozzles ideal for keeping main line sewer and stormwater pipes clear. For example, the TIER2 jetting nozzles feature an advanced variable flow configuration that gives users flexibility in the orifice patterns they use and can work on different jetter machines with different gallon-per-minute (GPM) flow and pounds-per-square-inch (PSI) pressure. These custom inserts are individually drilled to extremely tight parameters and offer tighter streams than our standard Tier 1 nozzles.

Full 360-Degree Cleaning 

The PX Revolver™ provides full 360-degree cleaning with only one moving part. Its optional forward jets clean the pipe, its side jets polish it, and its rear jets enable pipe flushing while pushing the nozzle through the pipe. The PX Revolver Generation 2 features rotating jets to clean every square inch of pipe, while Generation 3 combines rotating jets with fixed thrusting jets to tackle extra difficult jobs.   

Arthur Products’ Cnt-r-KUT® provides flexible centering for jet nozzles. It features a stainless-steel body combined with a drain and sewer-cleaning jetting nozzle. Users can trim the flexible guide vanes to meet their specific needs. The Cnt-r-KUT® Basic Kit includes a centering device assembly and a three nozzle kit ideal for general penetrating, flushing and degreasing, while the Elite Kit combines the flexible centering device with a chain and cable cutter rotor. 

For main lines or lateral ones, Arthur Products is your source for superior jetting nozzles. To learn more, contact us! 

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