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Cnt-r-KUT® BASIC KIT: Nozzles for Sewer Jetting

Now available for systems with 3/8-19 BSPP threads!

The CNT-R-KUT® BASIC Kit comes with everything the operator needs to successfully complete the cleaning task at hand.

The Cnt-r-KUT® Basic is a powerful kit which utilizes the APC Cnt-r-KUT® system to optimize the impact of standard drain and sewer jetting nozzles in a pipe cleaning environment.

The kit comes with an arsenal of 3 jetting nozzles (Penetrator, Flusher, and Deicer/Degreaser) that are ready to tackle the diverse set of challenges faced by drain, sewer and other pipe operators.

By using the flexible centering device, nozzles are able to traverse curved and broken pipe while delivering a maximized cleaning spread from the centered design. All of this, at extended ranges due to addition jets in the centering device.

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CNT-R-KUT® BASIC Fixed Jetting Nozzle Configuration

The CNT-R-KUT® BASIC was designed as an entry level flexible centering device for fixed pattern nozzles.

The CNT-R-KUT® BASIC is equipped with three rearwards jets at the aft portion of the nozzles for extra propulsion for longer than normal line runs. The CNT-R-KUT® BASIC mini allows the operator to get a fixed nozzle center in the pipe in “Those Tight Places”.

From the Lockable Carrying Case to the Straight Edge and Trimming Knife the CNT-R-KUT® BASIC Kit is ready to work with you all the way.

The standard Kit comes equipped with three fixed drain and sewer jetting nozzles, a Penetrator, a Flusher, and a Deicer/Degreaser which can easily be changed out in the field.

This kit also includes spare guide vane screws, an Orifice Cleaner, all contained in a high impact plastic carrying case. The Utility Knife, Straight Edge, and Silver Marker are contained within a zippered mesh bag with Velcro for storage.

  • Light Weight
  • Flexible Centering Vanes
  • Trimmable (for custom fit)
  • Three Nozzle Configurations
  • MAWP: 10K PSI
  • Body & Nozzles: Heat Treated Stainless Steel
  • Centering Device: an Industrial Elastomer
  • Available in  1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 NPT Configurations

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