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A lateral line carries wastewater from a home, industrial complex, or office building to the public sanitary main sewer line, which typically runs parallel to a nearby road or street. The lateral line handles the wastewater from the shower, sink, toilets, and bathtub. In some situations, the building owner is tasked with maintaining the lateral line up to the “tree lawn” or right of way, which is a given distance away from the main line, while in other neighborhoods the owner is responsible for the lateral line right up to the main sewer line. 

Attacking Roots, Diapers, and Other Obstacles 

A lateral line can become blocked by various household items, including toys, non-flushable sanitation pads and wipes, paper towels, diapers, and other obstacles. Consequently, the lateral line may need to be cleared from time to time. Other problem items include cooking oils and grease, or solid foods processed via the kitchen garbage disposal.  Because lateral pipes can carry wastewater through outdoor areas including lawns and other areas with bushes or trees, and because older buildings may have iron or clay pipes that can corrode or become infiltrated by plant roots over time, they often require special treatment to clear.  

One popular solution for cleaning lateral lines is jetting, which involves using hydraulic power through high-velocity streams of water against the pipe walls and any obstruction in the line. Special nozzles are designed specifically for handling blockages in lateral lines. For example, special root-cutter nozzles are available when roots intrude into the pipes. Other nozzles are specifically designed to clean pipe walls, push out debris or navigate through tight segments of pipe.  

Arthur Products Offers Solutions 

Arthur Products offers a variety of nozzles created to handle the challenges presented by lateral lines.  

The Cnt-r-KUT® Elite Kit includes a stainless steel jetting nozzle body, chain and cables that attach to a single rotor to cut through tough debris and a flexible centering device (Centralizer) for the tightest spaces.  

Deicer/degreaser nozzles clear ice and grease easily with their long tapered nose design.  

The Impactor Jet Nozzle is designed for completely blocked or heavily clogged pipes, with extra forward cutting jets and additional flushing jets. 

PX Revolver™ nozzles provide full 360-degree pipe cleaning with only one moving part.  

To learn more about Arthur Products’ line of nozzles tailored to the challenges presented by the lateral line, please visit our website

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