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High-pressure drain cleaning nozzles are designed to handle the toughest jobs when it comes to clearing sewer lines. They rely on high water pressures and flow rates to break free and flush away debris in the pipe, and they feature jets that provide the rearward thrust needed to propel the hose long distances down a pipe. 

Tackling the tough jobs

High pressure nozzles can address difficult clogs caused by grease, sand, or ice, especially nozzles designed for maximum penetrating power. These often feature narrow spray patterns to blast through debris, and rear jets generate the most thrust possible to propel the nozzle forward. Other nozzle designs will wash the pipe’s internal walls or navigate sharp bends easily. Still others feature wide rearward spray patterns to flush lines of debris when the blockage is cleared or will rotate to provide exceptional wall-cleaning action.  

Arthur Products’ high pressure drain cleaning nozzles meet the rigorous needs of sewer and drain cleaning contractors. Arthur Products manufactures jet nozzles for pressure systems in the 10K and 15K per square inch (psi) ranges.

Drain cleaning nozzles from Arthur Products

Some of Arthur Products’ more popular nozzle configurations include: 

  • Contractor Series (CS) works well in harsh conditions. These nozzles offer long life and work with three-inch lines or larger. 
  • Deicer and degreaser (EV) feature a pointed nose to penetrate tough blockages. The typical jet pattern has three forward and six rearward jets to provide the cutting power and thrust required. 
  • Eg-A-Nator (EG) works well in cleaning applications, including sewer pipes  
  • Hard Hitter (EPN) provides a long steady water stream for surface cleaning 
  • Hard Hitter (HH1) offers superior surface cleaning performance in a highly durable package 
  • Impactor (LT) handles completely blocked or heavily clogged pipes. 
  • Multi-Groove (MG) specializes in heavily clogged pipes and acts as both a penetrator and flusher 
  • Penetrator Hex (PH) works on pipe blockages. 
  • PX revolver (SJ) offers full 360-degree cleaning with only one moving part 
  • Round Nose (RN) has a smooth compact design that enables it to negotiate pipe bends. 
  • Round Nose Hex (RNH) designed for backflush loose debris. 

Learn more about the high-pressure drain cleaning nozzles.  

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