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Generation 1 Drain Cleaning Nozzles

Cnt-r-KUT® by Arthur Products delivers flexible centering to jet nozzles. Each Cnt-r-KUT® nozzle features a stainless steel body and drain and sewer cleaning jetting nozzle. Flexible guide vanes can be trimmed for your custom application and are mechanically attached to the body for easy replacement.

Now available for systems with 3/8-19 BSPP threads!

Cnt-r-KUT® ELITE KIT: Flexible Root Cutting System

Flexible Centering Device with Chain and Cable Cutter Rotor.

Cleaning Applications:


Attach your favorite NPT Nozzle to the CD-MAX and tackle your task at hand.

Cleaning Applications:


Centering nozzle perfect for general flushing and degreasing.

Cleaning Applications:


Towing nozzle which can be pulled through the line through a pipe and apply 100 jets forward, laterally, or to the rear.

Cleaning Applications:

Generation 2 Drain Cleaning Nozzles

Cnt-r-KUT2® Tackles the Tightest Bends/Turns

Tackle the tightest bends with the revolutionary redesigned Cnt-r-KUT® with the industry’s only flexible centering for nozzles. Cnt-r-KUT2® has a stainless steel body that is now integrated with the sewer hose eliminating the lengthy barred section at the hose connection point. This redesign along with the flexible guide vanes result in a centered nozzle assemble that has an amazing bend radius.

Cnt-r-KUT® G2 EMAX2

Interchangeable cutter nozzle clears roots and debris.

Cleaning Applications:

Cnt-r-KUT® G2 BMAX2

Perfect starter kit includes three nozzles to penetrate and flush out blockages.

Cleaning Applications:

Cnt-r-KUT® G2 THMAX2

Towhook nozzle applies 100% power with forward, lateral and rear-facing jet action.

Cleaning Applications:

Centering devices for jetting nozzles, exclusively available from Arthur Products, can be modified for custom applications. They help operators tackle tough jobs, including when they use drain cleaning nozzles in those tight spaces in damaged sewers. With our products, you can expect to achieve maximum cleaning spread in drains and other pipes.

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