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Arthur Products’ nozzle centering device, the Cnt-r-KUT®CDMAX, offers several advantages that make it an easy purchase for plumbing and sewer professionals.

Improved Cleaning Efficiency

The Cnt-r-KUT®CDMAX is a flexible nozzle centering device that keeps the nozzle centered in the pipe, ensuring optimal jet spray coverage on all sides of the pipe wall based on nozzle design. This maximizes cleaning power and efficiency, allowing professionals to clear clogs and obstructions faster.


The Cnt-r-KUT®CDMAX is designed to work with a wide range of fixed-pattern and rotating nozzles, providing versatility in tackling different types of clogs and pipe sizes. The Basic Kit, for instance, comes equipped with three rearward angled nozzles for effective cleaning.

The nozzle centering device’s unique construction makes it stand out.


The nozzle centering device’s unique construction makes it stand out from other options on the market. Made with a flexible elastomer, the Cnt-r-KUT®CDMAX guide vanes are bendable, allowing it to more easily navigate bends and corroded pipes. Users can also trim the guide vanes, which are mechanically attached to the body for easy replacement.


The Cnt-r-KUT’s flexible design allows for easy navigation through bends and turns in pipes, reducing the risk of getting stuck or causing damage. It’s simple operation and compatibility with existing equipment make it a user-friendly addition to any professional’s toolkit.

With its unique centering capabilities, versatility, durability, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly design, Arthur Products’ Cnt-r-KUT®CDMAX nozzle centering device is an easy purchase for plumbing and sewer professionals seeking to enhance their cleaning operations and productivity.

Cnt-r-KUT CDMAXe Nozzle Kit
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