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Sewer jetting nozzles come in hundreds of physical shapes. When factoring in potential drill hole patterns, configurations for this essential plumbing tool are nearly endless. The general purpose of sewer jetting nozzles is to clean pipes, but each has a unique geometry for a dedicated purpose or type of obstruction.

What criteria helps narrow the field to create a sewer jetting nozzle kit or kits with broad application potential? Arthur Products applied decades of experience fabricating and drilling sewer jetting nozzles for the plumbing service industry to create several kits that meet a professional’s basic needs. Each kit is designed for flexibility; to supply the right nozzle that will help professionals’ clear pipes as efficiently and swiftly as possible for a productive, profitable day’s work.

Two Types of Kits

We offer two types or classes of kits; a standard kit with a travel distance of 100-150 feet, and a thruster version, designed to provide the same jetting patterns required to clean pipelines, but at a greater distance than a conventional nozzle kit.

Conventional or thruster kits allow the professional to choose the nozzle set based on the length of hose needed to complete a job. The thruster kit, one of the unique product offerings that differentiates Arthur Products, employs specially designed jetting nozzles, jet angles and advanced orifice calculations to apply the same flow rate and pressure for cleaning pipelines as the standard kit yet at a longer distance.

Sewer Jetting Nozzle Varieties

The most popular kit Arthur provides has six nozzles that perform six different functions. One nozzle alone cannot do everything. The six-piece kit addresses the major needs or 90% of the job situations encountered by professionals.

Jetting nozzles in the six-piece kit include:

  • Penetrator – dislodges blockages
  • Flusher – flushes loose debris
  • Cornering – navigates around P-Traps and tight bends
  • Polisher – (Also known as a SPIN JET or Rotary) polishes and maximizes line recovery
  • De-Icer/De-Greaser – removes stubborn clogs formed by grease, hard soap or even ice
  • Impactor – moves sand, grit and light scale accumulated in the line.

Each style of nozzle supplied in the six-piece kit is deliberately designed with a different shape, depending on its functional purpose. This allows the professional, who might be working in a dark space, to select the right nozzle for the job simply by feeling the shape of the nozzle.

Our five-piece and three-piece nozzle kits are an economical starter investment for plumbers.

Quality Guaranteed

Every nozzle is manufactured from heat treated stainless steel for durability and long-lasting service life. Each kit is organized in a self-contained case with a tip cleaner.

Features of the Arthur Products sewer jet nozzle kits:

  • Fabricated from heat-treated stainless steel for durability
  • Each nozzle is custom drilled
  • Nozzles fit a wide range of female thread diameters (1/8-1.0 inch)
  • Conventional (standard) and thruster versions allows for broader range of application
  • Different nozzle shapes allow for easy identification
  • Diverse in geometry and performance
  • Made in America quality

Contact us to get a custom drilled sewer jetting nozzles kit for your business or plumbing operation. Custom manufactured high-pressure jet spraying nozzles are our specialty.

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