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One TOUGH Cnt-r-KUT Elite

The Cnt-r-KUT™ ELITE was designed to allow an operator to get a mechanical cutter in “Those Tight Places” where other water-driven mechanical cutting nozzles fear to go.

APC has now added a linked chain option to the Cnt-r-KUT ELITE series for a more aggressive attack on large root masses.

The Cnt-r-KUT ELITE kit is a complete rotating nozzle pipe cleaning system. Manufactured from high-grade stainless steel and an Aerospace elastomer, the ELITE is designed for effective pipe cleaning. The Elite’s rotating head can be configured with either chain or cable. A flexible, lightweight, centering guide stabilizes the rotating head yielding an excellent 360 degree internal cleaning. By adding an optional deicing/degreasing head, the ELITE’s capabilities can be further enhanced.

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