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Tow Hooks are designed to be pulled or towed by a cable. 100% of pressure and flow is used for cleaning when a tow hook is employed, increasing cleaning power from the sewer jetting nozzle.

Additionally, as opposed to cleaning, a tow hook can be used to propel a rope or cable into a pipe.

Parts Table

Part Number: AP0250TH-10
Thread: 1/4″ X 18 FNPT
OD: 0.625
Length: 1.217

Part Number: AP0375TH-10
Thread: 3/8″ X 18 FNPT
OD: 0.807
Length: 1.49

Part Number: AP0500TH-10
Thread: 1/2″ X 14 FNPT
OD: 0.998
Length: 1.956

Part Number: AP1000TH-10
Thread: 1.0″ X 11.5 FNPT
OD: 1.65
Length: 3.00

Application Features

  • Designed for Pulled by Cable or to Pull a Cable
  • Working Pressure- 10K PSI
  • Jet Pattern
    • ** Up to 6 forward jets
    • ** Up to 6 side jets
    • ** Up to 6 back jets
  • ** The number of jets and position of jets are based off of pressure (PSI), flow (GPM), length of hose (Feet) and specific object.
  • Wrench flats for ease on installation
  • Nozzle geometry easily recognized in the field

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