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Rodder Jets (RJ) – Male Machine Nozzles

Rodder Jets or male machine nozzles are designed with a compact body geometry for cleaning small tubes and are used with a lance having female machine screw threads.

Parts Table

Part Number: JM091-15
Thread: 12 X 28 M
OD: 0.25
Length: 0.96

Part Number: JM107-15
Thread: 1/4″ X 28 MNPT
OD: 0.375
Length: 1.75

Part Number: JM124-15
Thread: 3/8″ X 18 MNPT
OD: 0.372
Length: 1.21

Part Number: JM126-15
Thread: 1/4″ X 28 MNPT
OD: 0.246
Length: 1.075

Part Number: JM127-15
Thread: 5/16″ X 24 MNPT
OD: 0.375
Length: 1.187

Jet Nozzle Application Features

  • Designed to be used in conjunction with a rigid lance.
  • Body same diameter as the rigid lance.
  • Excellent device for cleaning various tubes.

Jet Nozzle Image Gallery

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