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Sometimes, a sewer blockage requires a plumber’s most effective tools. For many city and municipality professionals, as well as plumbers, these tools are sewer nozzles. When attached to a jetter or high-pressure water source they can do a variety of critical jobs deep inside a sewer line that other tools can’t do as well.  

Sewer nozzles like those developed by Arthur’s Products are an integral part of hydro-flushing systems, which use high-pressure cold or hot water to break up clogs or otherwise clear sewer lines and flush out the debris.    

Choosing a Sewer Nozzle System 

Most sewer nozzles feature a number of jets that serve different purposes. Jets angled toward the rear provide both pipe wall-cleaning action and thrust to move the nozzle and hose through the pipe. The angles of the rearward-facing jets can serve different purposes. For example, jet angles of 15 degrees or less provide strong thrust, while those set at 45 to 90 degrees do well when cleaning pipe walls but provide little thrust.   

Those directed toward the front typically work to dislodge obstructions and clear blockages. Arthur Products custom drills all the jets in its nozzles to suit the needs of individual customers – based on water pressure, application, and blockages faced. 

Users can order a wide range of sewer nozzles for specific jobs. For example, Arthur Products organizes them into tier one and tier two jet nozzle categories. Tier one nozzles are drilled nozzles that play specialized roles like deicers and degreasers, impactors for heavily clogged pipes and tubes, and revolvers that provide full 360º cleaning in the pipe. Tier two nozzles are inserted nozzles, which allow the water jets to hold a tighter pattern longer than a tier one nozzle would. Another way to differentiate the two is that tier one nozzles focus on pressure systems that range from 10 to 15K psi, while tier two concentrates on nozzles designed for advanced variable flow configurations. Over the past several decades, Arthur Products has led the industry in advancing sewer nozzle technology.

Selecting a Sewer Nozzle Supplier  

You need a sewer nozzle supplier with a solid reputation in the industry. A company on the cutting edge of sewer nozzle technology; one that custom tailors its sewer nozzles to the customer’s specific pressure or jetter set-up. You want a manufacturer that does it all in-house with no outsourcing to inferior offshore suppliers. You want Arthur Products. 

Call us at (800) 322-0510 or browse our products.  

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