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Ideal for removing grease and other blockages like light roots from sewer lines and for cleaning industrial pipes and tubes, rotating sewer jetter nozzles are designed to rotate the spray as they move down the pipe. This rotating action ensures the nozzle provides comprehensive 360° cleaning of the pipe’s interior, breaking up the grease or other blockages into small pieces and flushing them back out of the pipe.  

Rotating nozzles work with professional jetter machines and can also operate with traditional pressure washers, providing a powerful, effective alternative to the use of a cable snake to clear sewer lines. Where a cable might bore a hole through blockages, a jetter can blast them apart and flush the debris out of the system. Jetters are designed to provide powerful water flows and pressures fed through special low-friction hoses with jetter nozzles attached to the end. Some professional jetters are designed to handle hot water, heated in most cases by diesel. 

How it Works 

The user feeds the jetting nozzle into the clogged line. Depending on the jetter nozzle’s design, it can feature forward, side and/or rear-facing jets. The front jets are designed to break up pipe clogs into small pieces, while the rear-facing jets can play two roles: first, to push the debris out of the pipe and second, to propel the nozzle through the pipe via the thrust created by the water pressure. The rotating nozzle provides additional performance by creating a cone of forward-spraying water that can widen the work area, creating a larger opening in the pipe. A rotating sewer jetter nozzle can result in pipes that look clean as new on the inside.  

Arthur Products’ family of PX Revolver™ rotating jets are custom designed for tough sewer cleaning jobs. Available in General 2 (rotating jets) and Generation 3 (rotating jets and fixed thrusting jets) configurations, they provide full 360° cleaning power and feature only one moving part. 

Manufactured at our facility in Ohio, and custom drilled for your equipment, trust Arthur Products’ jetter nozzles to get the job done.   

Nozzles, that’s Us! 

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