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Alpha Kit™

The Arthur Products ALPHA KIT™ is configured for a low flow – low pressure system.

Kits are available in 1/8″ FNPT and 1/4″ FNPT versions and are drilled to the end user’s specific pressure and flow.

The ALPHA KIT was designed for use by the property owner who has a low-pressure system and likes to “do-it yourself”.

Many property owners live in areas where a professional drain cleaning service is not readily available. The ALPHA KIT provides the tools necessary to dislodge solid and partial blockages along with flushing out loose debris such as grease, hard soap, ice, leaves, sand, and etc.

Alpha Kit Configurations

AP0125SS-25 – 25′ Hose Length

AP0125SS-50 – 25′ Hose Length

AP0125SS-100 – 100′ Hose Length

AP0250SS-25 – 25′ Hose Length

AP0250SS-50 – 25′ Hose Length

AP0250SS-100 – 100′ Hose Length

AP0375SS-25 – 25′ Hose Length

AP0375SS-50 – 25′ Hose Length

AP0375SS-100 – 100′ Hose Length

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