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Traceable, Durable Custom Fabricated Metal Vent Tubes Enhance Product Safety

A mid-sized, private label bottler on the East coast found itself struggling with sanitation issues, product contamination and vent tube integrity. It was relying on plastic vent tubes to process its line of carbonated beverages. Changeover was a tedious process that took hours and slowed down production.

The company processes its own private label soft drink line in addition to co-packing for other carbonated beverage companies. The company strictly fills bottles, although different sizes and for different brands. This switch between bottle sizes and brands requires an efficient, speedy changeover to maintain production run efficiencies. The plastic vent tubes were proving to be more detrimental than helpful.

Arthur Products approached the firm to suggest an alternative engineered solution, developing a metal snap-in vent tube prototype for the company to test. The advantages were immediate and obvious:

  • Changeover is easy and swift – Installed adapters allow the vent tubes to be pulled out and plugged back into the bottle filling machine with ease, cutting changeover times by half
  • Greater durability and a longer lifespan – Custom designed metal vent tubes only require replacement when bent or broken due to filling machine failure
  • Increased sanitation – Stainless steel, food-grade, FDA-compliant vent tubes allow for stringent maintenance standards
  • Enhanced product integrity – Any lost or detached tubes that could potentially contaminate product are easily detected and can be removed and product discarded prior to its departure from the production room

In addition, the owners at Arthur Products pride themselves on supplying the utmost in customer service. For this particular soft drink bottler, the company has provided prototype tubes to test on the equipment. Restock or resupply of worn or broken parts is quick and easy. Arthur Products stocks the accessory parts, such as o-rings, hex nuts and vent tube spreaders to keep production lines from experiencing downtime.

Give Arthur Products a call to discover the benefits custom manufactured stainless steel vent tubes can provide for your bottle filling operations. The company specializes in servicing small- to large-sized bottle filling operations. Contact Arthur Products at 330-725-4905.

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