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Whatever situation you’re facing, grease, sand, ice, or general build-up, custom sewer jet nozzles often can help penetrate and cut through the blockage in less time, with greater efficiency and thoroughness than predrilled common nozzles. But for a custom nozzle to deliver the best results, several questions need to be answered as well as factors considered. The number of nozzle shapes and geometries, along with specific details of the job at hand, could create literally thousands of possible sewer jet nozzle variations.

The experts at Arthur Products specialize in designing and manufacturing custom sewer jet nozzles to support plumbing and service professionals. Creating that perfect jet nozzle starts with this standard list of questions.

What is your primary objective?

Jobs can involve clearing complete blockages to cleaning walls or flushing out debris. By learning what you’re primarily trying to accomplish, our team can assess what nozzle design would work best, and if you already have the right equipment on hand to accomplish the task.

What is the thread size?

This is actually the number one measurement that callers can mix up. The male thread size of the fitting on the hose where the nozzle needs to attach is the right measurement to get a nozzle that will work. Do not measure the outer diameter of the hose itself—the thread size for the nozzle or the male fitting is the correct measurement for a replacement nozzle.

Other questions that help narrow the field of choices to the right selection include:

How many feet of hose is on your unit?

Are you clearing or cleaning a straight pipe or will the unit need to navigate bends and turns?

What is the distance that will be traveled during the clearing or cleaning?

Gallons per minute

Some of those questions pertain to the pressure and distance involved with the resulting gallons per minute available to tackle the blockage. In this business “gallons per minute (GPM) is your friend.” The goal with nozzle creation is to help maximize the gallons per minute tackling the problem, along with the right angle and force to complete the job.

For instance, at a very low GPM and PSI, the nozzle must work harder to carry the hose behind it and push the water all the way down the line. Arthur will recommend how to accomplish the task with the best nozzle for the distance, GPM available and the ultimate objective. The calculated geometry of the nozzle shape, size and drilled apertures is unique to each application.

Quality First

All custom-drilled sewer jet nozzles from Arthur Products are constructed of stainless steel and heat treated for durability. Custom doesn’t mean expensive either. Our nozzles are mid-priced and an economical choice when the custom selection and drilling lead to a more productive workday.

Facing a line clearing issue and not certain whether a custom sewer jet nozzle will complete the job? Contact us for fast, friendly and knowledgeable service: 800-322-0510.

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