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Your bottle filling machine came complete with vent tubes supplied by the original equipment manufacturer. Yet this multi-million-dollar investment doesn’t exactly work the way it was promised. Liquids are foaming over, or bottle filling is inconsistent from one set to another or even from one bottle to another, depending on its position on the line.

The vent tube is the last part of this complex system to handle the liquid. But rather than a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all vent tube, a custom-designed vent tube will account for myriad variables inherent to your particular bottling operation.

Arthur Products offers decades of experience diagnosing the source of the problem and offering viable solutions that will help streamline your process and more importantly, make filling more precise.

Factors That Impact Filling

There is no set list of questions Arthur Products uses to diagnose the issue. Each company, machine and filling situation are nuanced enough to demand individualized attention. However, a few of the factors that can impact bottle filling include:

Custom Vent Tubes
Custom Vent Tubes
  • Size of the bottle
  • Bottle shape
  • Fill height
  • Fill level
  • Beverage viscosity
  • Carbonation levels
  • Temperature

Once the situation is properly diagnosed and Arthur Products has designed a vent tube ready for testing, bottlers can experience the advantages offered by custom designed and manufactured filler vent tubes.

  • Precision
    • Each vent tube is custom designed and manufactured by Arthur Products to fit the customer-owned system, product type and filling operations
    • Realize filling precision within a tenth of a gram
  • Flexibility
    • Different tubes for diverse package sizes can run on the same line—there is no single vent tube that can effectively handle a wide range of liquids
    • Vent tubes can be designed with adjustable tips or spreaders, while the vent tubes themselves can be slotted or fixed length
  • Speed
    • Run up to 800 bottles per minute, depending on system variables
    • Vent tubes designed by Arthur Products allow for quick changeover
  • Maintenance
    • All vent tubes are removable to facilitate thorough cleaning operations.
  • Size
    • Arthur Products specializes in servicing the needs of small- to large-sized bottling firms with innovative designs, quality manufacturing and individualized customer service, to help optimize your filling operations.

Expertise Spanning Decades

Arthur Products has manufactured custom filler vent tubes since the late 1950s and offers a wealth of experience with custom design and manufacture for small- to large-sized filling operations locally, nationally and internationally. In fact, the company holds a number of patents for its original vent tube designs.

This history brings an added bonus in addition to its breadth of expertise. Arthur Products keeps an extensive library for each customer that contains decades worth of information. Our knowledge aids with trouble-shooting, diagnosis and a swifter design and delivery process.

Arthur Products begins with a thorough process to diagnose the basic issue. A series of questions helps guide the investigation, along with drawings of the current vent tube being used. Once a new vent tube design is drafted, Arthur Products will collaborate with the client on the vent tube fabrication and can readily provide prototype samples for testing.

We custom design and manufacture filler vent tubes for any type of drinkable beverages for breweries, soft drink bottlers, water, wine, whiskey, dairy and dairy alternative beverages, juice and sports drinks to name a few. All vent tubes are manufactured from FDA-compliant food grade stainless steel, plastic, nylon or rubber, depending on customer preference and needs.

Contact Arthur Products for a solution if you find your standard vent tubes don’t offer the precision, speed and easy changeover your company needs to retain a leading edge.

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