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Visit Booth #3022 to Meet the leaders in specialized water blasting technology 

Arthur Products Co., the leading company in specialized water blasting nozzle technology, will exhibit its comprehensive line of custom-designed, exactingly engineered nozzles at WWETT from February 18 – 20 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN. Arthur Products supplies individually engineered, quality jet nozzles and solutions for wastewater treatment, sewer cleaning and other environmental and professional services.     

The unique approach practiced at Arthur Products applies aerospace engineering tactics to plumbing solutions. At the show the company will introduce the industry’s first and only available flexible centering device, its second-generation Cnt-r-KUT. This patent-pending design offers an amazing bend radius allowing access and flexibility for challenging jobs in residential or municipal situations. The centering device incorporates three sidekick jets on the nose, drilled at a zero-degree angle for higher thrust.  

Arthur Products sells product internationally to original equipment manufacturers and professionals from Australia to Korea and all parts of North America. Clients rely on Arthur Products for its quality control—the manufacturing process begins with a stainlesssteel bar at one end of the building to finished product at the other, all under one roof. Clients also appreciate the personalized service supplied to every call and order that comes in the door, each of which is handled and overseen by one of the company’s two owners, either Judy Coffman or Richard Rauckhorst. 

Arthur Products Co. offers the engineering expertise to custom manufacture quality jet nozzles, vent tubes and accessories to your exacting specifications. The breadth of its product line is unparalleled and will be on hand at the show booth for attendees to view, handle and examine. The line includes but is not limited to fixed nozzles, Rotating nozzles (PX Revolver), inserted nozzles and its Cent-r-Kut series. Nozzles are conformed and drilled to meet pressure and flow requirements of any style unit at the time of order. 

“Nozzle selection is the most critical decision an operator will make when it comes to cleaning pipes and sewers efficiently,” says Judy CoffmanWe understand that cleaning is a very personal task to the people who attend this show and have a perception of what works best with their equipment. We are here to provide them with the guidance and expertise to supply the best nozzle for their application.”   

Visit Arthur Products, Inc. at the WWETT show in Indianapolis, February 18-20, at booth #3022 to view their extensive range of nozzles for the wastewater and environmental services providers and professionals. Visit our web site at www.arthurproducts.comcontact us at or give us a call at 800-322-0510 

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